Spirit experiencing a human life

I was born in the awakening period of human kind. Not only I experienced the Dark Age – the time when human did not have internet, but then I lived the transition into the New Age.

Today Nasa announced KEPLER 427B, and they also admit that planets like ours are common in the universe. Along with what Edgar Mitchell and to a lesser extent, Gary McKinnon revealed about UFO, I strongly believe it’s just time to start acknowledging that aliens may already are here, maybe they are already living among us. To acknowledge that there are life forms that are much more advanced than human, and we human, while numbered already 7+ billions, are not special, actually we may be one of the lower-level of intelligent races.

Luckily, NDE provides me a lot more perspectives to this human life. Along with Buddism and Christianity, my view of life has become so spiritual. Basically this body is not my ‘original self’, we are just experiencing this human ‘education’. We are here to learn, learn to be more-loving and higher-understanding beings, and this human experience is a great school to train that.

Basically what religions teach us, and NDE ‘proved’, that our ‘original self’, which trancends this ‘human life time’, is going through this human experience in order to train ourselves. We are actually being tested under difficult circumstances which can foster the growth of our souls, the original selves. We will go through the times when we are hurt, so that we know not to hurt others, we go through times when we are loved, so that we know how precious it is, we learn the rule of cause and effect, and we learn to give and share when we have limited resources.

It can be a game of the original self, to be human, but an educational game nonetheless. This human-reality-game is so real, that we can learn a lot about how to interact with other beings. I think the rewards are given for each ‘positive’ interaction, so to do a good job, means living positively.

However, never forget that this is not the ‘ultimate reality’, however ‘real’ it may be, it is just an experience, and we don’t have to take it super seriously. Don’t be ‘stuck’ in the vicious loop of the mind, quit all the bad loops of thought, just look up at the sky and enjoy it 🙂 This life is so full of miracles. Amen.


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