How to be interesting person / professional

To be an interesting person you need to know many things, maybe you can be a bit original, but not too different, otherwise you would not have many friends.

1. Sense of Humour:

Sense of humour is the most important skill to make friends. You know how to make a joke, how to take things less seriously, how to respond wittily (but not sarcastically), how to share your happiness 😀 Just don’t get too serious, too stiff, too clingy. Be pro-attractive !

2. Interesting news:

You should know interesting things (like Rajesh), you follow interesting stuffs so can share with other people (that is really cool, not something only you like).

There are many things that can be shared with friends:

  1. Technical stuffs: anything related to machine, can be electronics, robotics, telecom …
  2. Software stuffs: softwares that are cool and useful, like Titanium, Xcode …
  3. Hardware stuffs: mobile phones, processors, bluetooth, lcd, or even myki card …
  4. Work stuffs: tools that are used at work, like Bamboo, Stash, Rake, Xcode …

Hobbies that are interesting:

  1. Sport: can be something you do (table tennis, martial arts), or watch (soccer/ tennis) – show the passion , it’s all about passion ! It can be rock climbing, ice skating, bungee jumping, judo, wing chun,
  2. Games: (old games are nice to talk about, especially games that everyone know)
  3. Movies: (famous movies, directors, actors)
  4. Music: (famous bands) dance moves, songs
  5. Tourism: different places you went to, different cultures, histories
  6. Food: food (& restaurants) is a great topic any where, people love to eat !
  7. Apps: some great apps that you heard about
  8. Books: great books like Tam Quoc, Thuy Hu. Great mangas like Berserk, Tsubasa, Naruto, One Piece, Hikaru no Go.
  9. Jokes: things that are funny, not-serious, help relax the mood, things that everyone can relate to..

Things that are not interesting that I like but can’t share:

  1. Go, chess: no friends actually play
  2. Aliens: no friends care at all
  3. Life after death: and other doctrines
  4. Politics: old people like politics, but young people have different interests.

3. Interesting skills / projects / achievements:

Happy skills: singing & dancing ! If you can sing, or can dance, you will be cool, attractive in other people’s eyes.

Health knowledge: martial art, nutrition, running…

Photography, design: how to use camera, how to use Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

Web design: learn to make web pages, host your own server.

Personal projects: games – there are so many game ideas that we can make. Doesn’t have to be iOS games, can be web games, can be a casual game like the Google dinosaur game 🙂

Achievements: fixing your car, building your own houses, learning some technical stuffs like the work automation (can automate anything, from gardening, to using sensors to turn on music for babies).

4. Passion:

If you have passion, everyone will like to hear you talk. They want some of that passion too. So talk about anything you like with passion, with a feeling of greatness, and people will hear you.

It’s all about passion, passion in what you do, in what you talk, in what you like. Passion in your life, the energy in your voice and the feeling that you create, the passion, the fun, the happiness !!!

5. Be a friend:

Don’t show off, and don’t be a teacher, be a friend, be equal, not superior !!!


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