Perfectionist – the Tao of a developer

You can’t be a good developer without being a Perfectionist.

  1. A perfectionist has a good eye, trained to notice problems and inconsistencies, especially in himself. First you have to be able to see them. If you just look but do not see the issues – first you ignore them – then you won’t be able to see them any more.
  2. A perfectionist not only sees the issues, but he is driven to fix the issues. He can’t just see the dirty car and do nothing. He will take action and do something about it, anything is just fine, he will improve the car. Then gradually he will have a nicer car, a cleaner car, and he still notices the remaining issues, but they will be less and harder to see.
  3. A perfectionist has the Will to improve. He is improving everyday. If everyday he improves 1%, over a year, he would improve 1.01^365 = 37.78. That’s the power of momentum. Constantly improving and the car is going faster and faster. Constantly refine your brain and your brain is better and better.
  4. A perfectionist has confidence. He learns from his mistakes. He does not make the same mistake. He is aware of his mistakes and knows how to avoid them. He takes the time to sharpen the saw, therefore he grows. He is not someone who does the same thing again and fails again.
  5. A perfectionist thinks deeply. He does not accept failure simply, he looks at them as lessons. He learns from them, from his successful experience, from his past achievements and his mistakes and from other people. He is constantly refining. He is constantly upgrading his standard and value.
  6. A perfectionist has ambition. The more he can do, the more he can contribute, the more responsibilities he can shoulder. He can help others to improve, he can manage, he can lead people by example, he can inspire people. He doesn’t need to be more energetic, but he can achieve more in the same amount of time. He is more focused but more relaxed, he is better than yesterday.
  7. A perfectionist has focus. He does one thing at a time. He does it to perfection. He lives each moment of his life. He lives it to max. He optimizes every single action for maximum effect. He lives every second of his life. He is not afraid of other’s people opinions. He is focused.
  8. A perfectionist has calmness. No matter how much he is driven to improve, to get things done, he is not showing it. He is busy but he is not rushing. He knows impatience breads mistakes, he knows rudeness breaks cooperation and collaboration. He doesn’t rush other people and let them finish talking. He knows every action generates a reaction – so he is polite and his words motivate. He influences, but not bullies. He helps other to improve their skills, not forcing them to work like dummies.
  9. A perfectionist has knowledge. He has attention to details. He understands the difference a small improvement can have. He reads and asks, he follows best practices. He trains the good habits. He remembers the important things because he trains himself to see them as important. He has a whole picture, and what he doesn’t know, he know he has to learn. And he learns them as soon as possible.

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