Top 10 mistakes candidates make

  1. Practicing on Computer:  to code, learn to use pen & paper.
  2. Not rehearsing behavioural questions: there are key questions that will be asked most of the time
  3. Not doing mock interviews: do a mock interview, with a person who can give you feedback.
  4. Try to memorize solutions: it’s about understanding, learn how to approach new problems
  5. Talk too much: use STAR technique, usually 2 sentences each -> 8 sentences.
  6. Talk too little: you should explain your reasoning.
  7. Rushing: Coding is not a race, should not rush, think methodically, think through possibilities, test edge cases.
  8. Not debugging: walkthrough the code
  9. Slopping coding: Use proper data structures, choose functions
  10. Giving up: there will always be hard questions that no one can answer -> be calm and show no fear.

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