How to overcome difficult times?

Looking back in my life, there have been many times of depression or even desperation…

Difficult circumstances:

1. Homeland: It started when my parents left me to go to Poland when I was 12. I was living alone, with no one to bond for a while, until co Ly family come to live with me. It was a time of loneliness. Not many children experience that, I have had many issues in that time… Being a bit difficult child and teenager… How did I overcome that?

– I learned to like study. I come up with some tips and tricks to just volunteer to answer questions first, to be proactive and take initiative , it helps to avoid lots of worries and stress in class. When we face fears straightaway, we are much more confident and prepared for the difficulty.

– I have also learned to worry less. When I wasn’t able to get 36/40 mark to go straight to high school, when I wasn’t able to attend the entrance exam to Hoan Kiem high, I was quite calm and confident. I know I have another option, a better choice, so I wasn’t afraid.

2. Poland: university time – it was stressful, it was hard to keep up to other polish students. Later I identified 2 issues with me at that time: I didn’t know how to manage time, and I didn’t really the methods to learn things.

– I learned from anh Le, anh Linh that persistence is the most important thing I need to overcome issues. When we are lost, we need to find the way by ourselves, we need not to depend on others to point you the direction, to tell you what to do, to give you instructions. We just have to persist in finding solutions by asking correct questions, by asking correct people (teachers), and to keep pushing. Resilience is the strength I need.

3. Vietnam: I come back to Vietnam and was stuck, with no clear vision, no dream and no job. The values that I have in Poland suddenly become nothing, I was not appreciated.

– I craved to get out of Vietnam. I was desperate, I was willing to do everything it takes to get out. I know I have my values, I know I will be appreciated elsewhere. So I studied, I got a job, I had goals, I had a vision and dream. I just lived for that dream.

– Once we live entirely for a single purpose, when we don’t give up (not even think about giving up) but just think how to make the dream come true, we use the focused strength of the spirit and the mind, we can achieve amazing result. We should never think about giving up – when we face problems the only thing we think about is how to overcome the problem, how to achieve what we want – then we will find a way. Like a baby, don’t fear, don’t be afraid of falling, then you can learn to walk.

– Thanks to my mom, she had trusted me, she never gave up on me, not like my dad who didn’t appreciate me and my values, mom had helped me to overcome so many difficult times in life – just with her single focus on how to solve problems, when other people may just give up, she just keeps thinking about the goal and how to overcome the problems. Only people with this kind of mindset can be successful.

4. Australia: this is the most optimistic land, where dreams can happen, where you enjoy life and enjoy work, where we love pets and human. Nothing is too difficult here, as long as we give everything. I have had many issues, like RMIT, PR, love, marriage, jobs …

– Firstly just focus on the goal and how to get there, not the problems that we have. Whatever we focus on will magnify, and by magnifying the goal, we can get to it.

– Just pray and take immediate action – and NEVER GIVE UP – persistent people will succeed. And when we work and pray and work, then God is with us, He said “just keep knocking and the doors will be opened”. But first, you need to keep knocking !!!

How to Motivate myself:

I can motivate myself. I know my habits, I know my weaknesses and strengths best. I know what I should do to sleep better, to eat better, to exercise better. And I know that whatever happens, God will help me to overcome.

1. Work-related

  • The true joy doesn’t come from money, it comes from the enjoyment of the job we are doing. I am working in an industry that is very open, has lots of opportunities and transferable skills. God has blessed me to have this job, I am loving it, and I will always love it. I can create beautiful and sensible things. Creation is an addiction.
  • Everything needs time investment. The more quality time we put on something we become better at it. The quality of the time we put in is crucial, a time of deep focus is many times better than time when mind is distracted with many things.

Notable times when I have achieve work-related success:

  • Artificial Intelligence: how did I become the best student of AI subject and so accordingly tutor the next semesters? How did I win the AI tournament of Connect-4? Part of it is the blessing from God, but I liked it, I persisted, I spent more time than other students on my program. Maybe it has some spiritual power because of the time I put in?
  • HD result for Aptech: maybe no one truly cared about it, but it was the foundation for my HD at RMIT. I had a dream and I followed my dream.
  • SilverTop and the build up of JMangoVN: It’s not luck, it’s God’s plan to connect me with Tri and Thanh, I was just using my mother’s approach of thinking all the time to find a solution and so I have linked people together.

2. Life-related

Difficult things in live usually come for 2 reasons: karma or warning.

  • Karma – is when I have done bad things, then I will have to bear the consequences. To learn the lessons, to never repeat the same wrong behaviours, to improve and grow.
  • Warning – something more serious maybe coming, it can be much worse if we ignore the early warnings, so we can fix the issues when they are still small.

Sample of problems I solved in life:

  • Connections: how I got into RMIT at the time, it was due to bác Đạo, who knows bác Thu. Ngay cả Haker bên Balan, sếp Thuỵ cũng là em của chú Nhuỵ bạn bố mẹ. Hay anh Đức JMango cũng là chị Mai quen biết bố. Hoặc Leon và Mike là con của bạn bố mẹ. Trust is very important in life, relationships are mainly based on trust.
  • Marriage – it was difficult time. God has helped me throughout the whole ordeal. But due to praying and resilience and calmness, we got through. Then H came to Australia and applied onshore. Sometimes trust van only be built through tests, because of passing those tests, that we can trust each others. So be calm and trust God, and keep our promises.
  • Jobs: JMango, Catch, Anz, I just pray and rely on God all the way. Just keep knocking, and the door will be opened.

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