Red-flag Interview Signs

  1. Bragging: bragging can be quite a turn-off, it’s a sign of being unfit culturally.
  2. Aggressive: aggressive is a sign of being arrogant, which will make you appear un-coachable.
  3. Looking Sloppy: wrinkled, over-casual or dirty clothes show that you are not fully committed or just don’t take it seriously enough.
  4. Looking Unconfident: passion and confidence in the field is the deciding factor of your productivity.
  5. Asking no Questions: it is important to ask questions, it shows how much you have done your home work about the company, the willingness and also your careful consideration to make a switch. Even if you don’t have questions about training/conferences, career development, team, future projects, you can ask the interviewer about their experience.
  6. Telling bad about boss/ colleagues: definitely it doesn’t do you any good but only harms.
  7. Lies: Exaggeration or fabrication can backfire – especially if the interviewer has another source of information.
  8. Lack of interest: no matter how skilful you can be, lack of interest is the indication that you are not going to be a good hire.
  9. Negative body language: right poses, starting with a good handshake and eye contact. Energy, enthusiasm and confidence can clearly be gauged by them.

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