Never trust the limit people put on you (or on anyone)

After a few days working at new place, meeting up with old friends, I am so thankful to God for this opportunity.

Now I have met enough people in a last couple of years to understand this: people’s limit is not in the brain’s capability. The limit is in our attitude and our lifestyle.

1. Let’s take attitude: when you give up before you have done everything you can, when you are discouraged because of some early defeats and give up – your attitude is the reason why you fail. On the other hand, if you didn’t give up, but try to figure out what more can be done, which area to improve, which practice you need to do … not giving up, but continue to put in your time and effort is 80% of the success, another 20% is luck / blessing / God’s reward.

Attitude is the most precious thing you can have in this life. Without a correct attitude, you will self-destruct. With a correct attitude, you can learn everything.

You truly don’t know how amazing is our brain. Spend enough time on something, with great desire to learn it, focus on it all the time, and the brain will gradually pick it up.

Doesn’t matter how hard it is, everything once broken to pieces, can be learned step by step. If you have a correct attitude, there is no limit to your brain.

2. Lifestyle:

Outside of some hours you need to sleep (7), hygiene + eat (2), you have about 15 hours everyday to spend. How you spend it is the indication of how rich you truly are.

All you truly have is time. And health. If you don’t have good health, and scientific way to eat and sleep and exercise your body, then you will become sick and don’t have much time to spend. So, take care of sleep (sleep 6-7 hours), eat well (and regularly) and exercise (works wonder for the brain).

Then, all is left is how to spend the time most effectively.

You have 1 hour in the morning (6-7am), to quickly learn something. Don’t waste it on reading news, it’s not helping you. Spend on learning.

Then exercise and shower, from 7.40am-8.45, more than 1 hour on train to work. Don’t waste it on newspapers, think about work. Visualise what to do, prioritise tasks, break down things, plan.

Then from 8.45-10.45, 2 hours of intensive work. 15 min break and start again at 11-12.30, another 1 and half hour of work.

Lunch break, start again at 1.30-3.30, 2 hours of tasks again. Now you are tired and should take a break, 4-5.30, another 1.5 hour. So in total 7 hours.

About one hour on train, 5.45-6.45, don’t waste it, visualise what you need to learn, summarise what you have achieved today, what to improve.

After dinner, 15min break, back to study at 8-10pm, you have 2 hours to study. Read something, take notes, do something fun, make something you own, build your own kingdom of apps, games. Take 30m break – lets brush the teeth,

10.30-12: another 1.5 hours to just watch tutorials, read books, blog… Going to sleep in the great state, don’t forget to pray !

Your lifestyle is all yours. Your life is yours to live, and you decide 80% of it, the remaining 20% is just what you can’t control, it just happens. Don’t mind.

Trust God

Only God will never give up on you. And you should just trust Him and do your job. Abandon the worries. God will take care of you and your life. Just live well.

And so, never trust the limit that people put on you. The labels that people lay on you. You also have a brain like they do, and that brain’s capability is limitless, if you know how to harness it’s power. You do what you need to do, the other’s opinions are just by-product of your attitude and your lifestyle. So care for the root, and you will have fruit.



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