Pro Skill (1) – Lisp


Lisp (1958) is the second-oldest high-level programming language (behind Fortran-1957). Lisp is actually a family of languages, with CommonLISP (an attempt to unify many Lisp variations) and recently Clojure.

Interchangeability of code and datamakes Lisp very easily recognisable.

  • Syntax: (f arg1 arg2 arg3) : a function f with 3 arguments.
  • Everything is written in expression. There is no difference between expression and statements.


(list 1 2 ‘foo) = [1,2,foo]     //  ‘ prevents the argument to be evaluated

(list 1 2 (list 3 4)) = [1, 2, [3,4]]


(+ 1 2 3 4) = 1+2+3+4




Clojure is a general purpose language, it targets the JVM, and combines elements of scripting language with multithreaded environment.

Clojure compiles directly to JVM byte-code, it is a compiled language but is completely dynamic – supported at run-time.

Clojure is a dialect of LISP, and also has code-as-data character. It is predominantly a functional programming language.

– One of the great sites to learn clojure is

– Intro to Clojure at





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