Self-Respect and Self-Confidence

How to have self-respect?

Self-respect can only be gained by private victories. A self-victory will deposit to the self-respect account, while a self-defeat will withdraw from it.

Private victories are characterised by taking important actions, which improve our standard:

  • More push-ups than yesterday / usual.
  • Study more than yesterday / usual.
  • Do anything important that have been procrastinated for a while.


Self-confidence is similar, it has to be gained by hard work. But self-confidence comes as a result of work that have been spent on something special, unique that not many people have. It comes from our level of mastery something. 

Like in weiqi, spending time to reach the dan-level would allow one to feel confident. More effort and time, and focus and desire is needed to reach a dan-level in a professional field.

It is the same in table tennis, piano-playing or any skill, a pro is a person who put all mind and heart in the profession, to be able to compete with other pros.

To reach a dan-level, not only we need to learn the skill, we need to relearn and refine ourselves, apply in practice to know all the strengths and weaknesses. We need to constantly reach for higher level, as every profession evolves and the level of competition today is higher than it was 5 years ago.

Mastery has to be measured by comparing to others in the same field.


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