Pro Skill (4) – JavaScript & Node.js

Node.js is a framework designed for server-side applications. It’s usually being compared to PHP.

Angular.js (Google) is one of the most popular client-side frameworks (along with Backbone.js, Ember.js) for building web applications. Basically, these frameworks are used to build web applications, while jQuery is used for building web sites.

All of these frameworks are based on JavaScript and therefore are so popular with Web developers.

— Comparisons: Angular vs jQuery

AngularJS : AngularJS is for developing heavy web applications. AngularJS can use jQuery if it’s present in the web-app when the application is being bootstrapped. If it’s not present in the script path, then AngularJS falls back to its own implementation of the subset of jQuery.

JQuery : jQuery is a small, fast, and feature-rich JavaScript library. It makes things like HTML document traversal and manipulation, event handling, animation, and Ajax much simpler. jQuery simplifies a lot of the complicated things from JavaScript, like AJAX calls and DOM manipulation.

Overview: Angular vs Backbone vs Ember

1. At first, there was plain old JavaScript, in which back in the day no one wanted to write it when it was just that due to all of the cross-browser issues.

2. Then jQuery came along, and since it can be summarized to be a DOM manipulation library, it removed the cross-browser issues. It also had an AJAX API that enabled a lot of things, so it was sort of the second step in the evolution of building JavaScript applications.

3. The third generation would be Backbone and Knockout. Those two came about because people were realizing at that point that they weren’t able to reuse code and pages when they wrote jQuery applications, and they felt as though they were writing these nested codes.

Of course, they could write good jQuery code, but it wasn’t leading them into success all the time. Promises make things better, but you can still quickly break the back button by making a few AJAX calls with your jQuery code. As you build more of your app in JavaScript, you eventually hit the edge of jQuery. Backbone helped make code cleaner, and there were a lot of micro-frameworks competing against it, but Backbone won. In addition, people really liked the 2-way data-binding in Knockout.

4. Finally, the next evolution of frameworks came along, which is Angular and Ember. They gathered all the ideas of what people liked and put together a more inclusive framework as opposed to a library.


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