Technology (1) – No SQL

No SQL is a new school of Databases that do not use traditional table-based data model to store data.

They can use different models like:

  1. Column: Cassandra … Druid … HBase
  2. Document: MongoDB … CouchDB
  3. Key-value: Redis … Dynamo … Memcached
  4. Graph: Virtuoso … Infinite Graph
  5. Multi-model: OrientDB … FoundationDB

The most famous No-SQL are: (see Database-ranking:

  1. MongoDB (top 1)
    • While the functionality is close to that of a traditional relational database, MongoDB allows users to capitalize on the benefits of cloud infrastructure with its horizontal scalability and to easily work with the diverse data sets in use today thanks to its flexible data model.
    • MongoDB is the easy to learn. It’s strength is SIMPLICITY.
  2. Cassandra (top 2)
    • Cassandra is very easy to manage at scale.
    • If developers want to have faster, more reliable but scalable solution, they go for Cassandra.
  3. HBase (top 3)
    • It’s from same company with Hadoop.
  4. Redis
  5. CouchDB
  6. DynamoDB



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