Success of a Christian

There are too many definitions of success. There are too many guidelines on how to succeed. Most people consider success in reference to a career, to have climbed well on the ladder of fame and power, to achieve financial independence and recognition, but generally success is about living a legacy of a life that has positively touched, influenced and changed many lives, a life that has made a difference in this world.

A Christian success is harder to specify. But it requires work, acts of faith – Jesus and all the apostles have lived a life not for their own glories and or luxury, they lived a life of simplicity, but acted as a tool of God, to promote teaching of love and morality. It requires sacrifice, a life lived to enjoy personal pleasures and focused on leisures and happiness for self isn’t a success. Success for Christians is when we live for other people, when our focus is not on ourselves or our own ego.

Pope Francis is a great example of Christian success. Firstly he can live a life of luxury, but he rejected it. He does use his power to act, but for the poor and not for his own benefit. He did not intentionally run for the Papacy, but he was ready for it. He is a man of knowledge, but more, he is a man of actions. He criticised careerism, and emphasised life of contribution and service.

So what can I do in the face of new challenges? Life requires me to get out of the complacency and start overhauling myself. Life forces me to study and renew my knowledge, and to pray for focus, intelligence and memory for my profession. And to live my life, not for career but to truly contribute. My Lord Jesus, my mind has not been well-maintained, please help me organise my mind for work, please help me to become a very good developer, who deeply understands iOS. I just want to be better, I really don’t want to read news about Mourinho or Nadal anymore, I just want to focus on being a best iOS developer and find the greatest joy in doing and learning and living a life of real love.

I am ready to entirely focus in iOS, to completely get rid of any other stuffs that I use to read everyday. No facebook, no television, no news, only iOS, oh my guardian angel, please help me, help my technical progress. I am ready to study day and night, to just read iOS and nothing else, to become a good iOS developer. Life is not easy, but with the help and guidance of Lord Jesus and guardian angel, I am ready to start dreaming iOS code, ready to think about iOS code before going to sleep and when waking up, to read and practice iOS all my time, ready to live every minute of my life perfecting my brain for it. God, please help me. I am ready.

The core of being a Christian is to “have faith”. Having faith, there is no insecurities. Do not fear of being rejected, do not fear of humiliation, do not fear of death. Life is not to be lived in fear. Fear less and live more. Life is to be lived in love.

The Dunning–Kruger effectThe effect to usually overestimate self’s competence. The root cause of this is that, in contrast to high performers, “poor performers do not learn from feedback suggesting a need to improve”.

In East Asians, however, there is a tendency to underestimate self’s competence.


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