3 phases of any skill

Murray lost to Djokovic yesterday night. Supporting Murray, I can clearly see the weakness in his mental attitude, which is why he lost the last set 6-0. Of course you have to be Djokovic to beat him 6-0, but in a game so mental and also physical like tennis, you need to conserve your energy, both mental and physical, to have a chance to win.

Like tennis, table tennis or any other skill, there are 3 levels of learning:

  1. Strength: first to be able to learn a skill, you need a strength. Whether it’s your forehand in tennis, your serve in table tennis, or your vocabulary in languages, you need to focus in one strength. Then you can use that strength to excel and get rewards. Usually by having just a great serve, you can do quite well in tennis world. This is first level.
  2. Weakness: the next level is to eliminate weaknesses. Identify the areas that you are weakest and work on them. Like in table tennis, my backhand is bad and if opponents keep serving and playing to my backhand then I will lose more and ultimately lose the close games… At work, if my weakness is the lacking of knowledge about the custom components, categories, or the properties of standard components like UIViewController / UICollectionViewController … then I have to work on them, patch the knowledge holes.
  3. Details: Once we don’t have big gaps in knowledge, there is the level of details that improves you. At home, the level of details can make your home look great, can make your life efficient, can make you productive. But it’s the last level of the game, you don’t get there if you still are stuck in previous levels.




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