How to avoid 5 bad feelings and build 5 senses of life to be perfectly happy.

1. Stress

Most of stress come when I am behind schedule. If I am running ahead of schedule -> I will avoid stress.

2. Anger

My anger usually come when people look down on me. No one wants to be looked upon, I personally always try to never look down on people. But there will always be people better than me, so to avoid anger: do not let anger ever be in control, not taking anything personally, do not take things seriously, try to joke 🙂

3. Fear

My fear of failure and fear of rejection is mostly work-related. I will just use prayers to counter the fears.

4. Anxiety

My anxiety that things can go wrong, that unlucky things can happen to us (murphy law), sometimes can be intense. It’s important that I trust my instinct and note down the problem and also note down a solution / preventative approach.

5. Disappointment

Disappointment comes from the lack of sense of satisfaction. By building 5 senses of life, we get over this.

Five senses of Life

1. Sense of Worth

The basic sense of a human being. Even when we don’t have any of the next senses, you should feel this. As a human you are worthy, to be loved, to have human rights, to be treated equally without Unfair discrimination. Recounting what you have and achieved in the past also increase this sense.

2. Sense of Achievement

This sense is achieved after every effort well spent, after every result achieved. Increasing this sense by result-oriented actions. This will also increase your sense of worth.

3. Sense of Contribution

While previous sense of achievement is more inner-oriented, this sense of contribution is more self-less. By doing things for greater good, for community and for others (being kind and make others feel good counts too), this sense also increase sense of worth and achievement as well.

4. Sense of Improvement

A human has to grow, even if you are doing great things everyday, you need to improve and learning to acquire new skills, build new relationships, deepen existing ones… Old dog don’t learn new tricks, so always stay hungry, stay foolish.

5. Sense of Joy / Fulfilment

This sense may sound like a contradiction to the sense of improvement, but at the end of the day, it is the sense that fulfil our life. You can’t be happy if you are always wanting things that you don’t have, and don’t enjoy what you have. To develop this sense, learn to enjoy everything around you.


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