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Spirit experiencing a human life

I was born in the awakening period of human kind. Not only I experienced the Dark Age – the time when human did not have internet, but then I lived the transition into the New Age.

Today Nasa announced KEPLER 427B, and they also admit that planets like ours are common in the universe. Along with what Edgar Mitchell and to a lesser extent, Gary McKinnon revealed about UFO, I strongly believe it’s just time to start acknowledging that aliens may already are here, maybe they are already living among us. To acknowledge that there are life forms that are much more advanced than human, and we human, while numbered already 7+ billions, are not special, actually we may be one of the lower-level of intelligent races.

Luckily, NDE provides me a lot more perspectives to this human life. Along with Buddism and Christianity, my view of life has become so spiritual. Basically this body is not my ‘original self’, we are just experiencing this human ‘education’. We are here to learn, learn to be more-loving and higher-understanding beings, and this human experience is a great school to train that.

Basically what religions teach us, and NDE ‘proved’, that our ‘original self’, which trancends this ‘human life time’, is going through this human experience in order to train ourselves. We are actually being tested under difficult circumstances which can foster the growth of our souls, the original selves. We will go through the times when we are hurt, so that we know not to hurt others, we go through times when we are loved, so that we know how precious it is, we learn the rule of cause and effect, and we learn to give and share when we have limited resources.

It can be a game of the original self, to be human, but an educational game nonetheless. This human-reality-game is so real, that we can learn a lot about how to interact with other beings. I think the rewards are given for each ‘positive’ interaction, so to do a good job, means living positively.

However, never forget that this is not the ‘ultimate reality’, however ‘real’ it may be, it is just an experience, and we don’t have to take it super seriously. Don’t be ‘stuck’ in the vicious loop of the mind, quit all the bad loops of thought, just look up at the sky and enjoy it 🙂 This life is so full of miracles. Amen.


How to avoid 5 bad feelings and build 5 senses of life to be perfectly happy.

1. Stress

Most of stress come when I am behind schedule. If I am running ahead of schedule -> I will avoid stress.

2. Anger

My anger usually come when people look down on me. No one wants to be looked upon, I personally always try to never look down on people. But there will always be people better than me, so to avoid anger: do not let anger ever be in control, not taking anything personally, do not take things seriously, try to joke 🙂

3. Fear

My fear of failure and fear of rejection is mostly work-related. I will just use prayers to counter the fears.

4. Anxiety

My anxiety that things can go wrong, that unlucky things can happen to us (murphy law), sometimes can be intense. It’s important that I trust my instinct and note down the problem and also note down a solution / preventative approach.

5. Disappointment

Disappointment comes from the lack of sense of satisfaction. By building 5 senses of life, we get over this.

Five senses of Life

1. Sense of Worth

The basic sense of a human being. Even when we don’t have any of the next senses, you should feel this. As a human you are worthy, to be loved, to have human rights, to be treated equally without Unfair discrimination. Recounting what you have and achieved in the past also increase this sense.

2. Sense of Achievement

This sense is achieved after every effort well spent, after every result achieved. Increasing this sense by result-oriented actions. This will also increase your sense of worth.

3. Sense of Contribution

While previous sense of achievement is more inner-oriented, this sense of contribution is more self-less. By doing things for greater good, for community and for others (being kind and make others feel good counts too), this sense also increase sense of worth and achievement as well.

4. Sense of Improvement

A human has to grow, even if you are doing great things everyday, you need to improve and learning to acquire new skills, build new relationships, deepen existing ones… Old dog don’t learn new tricks, so always stay hungry, stay foolish.

5. Sense of Joy / Fulfilment

This sense may sound like a contradiction to the sense of improvement, but at the end of the day, it is the sense that fulfil our life. You can’t be happy if you are always wanting things that you don’t have, and don’t enjoy what you have. To develop this sense, learn to enjoy everything around you.

Stomach issue, SES and bowling

Suddenly I have been struck with this stomach issues. Since last 2 months, I have lost 10kg, from 71 to 61kg. I couldn’t eat. Food doesn’t want to go down inside my body. Eating has transformed from a pleasure to a suffering. My wife is suffering along with me, as I am the sole income of our family. What can I do to overcome this … I don’t want this illness, God please help me, relieve this from me please.

I don’t get yet what is the true lesson to learn from this illness… What I think is that we all should live like we can die tomorrow. Respect health, respect time, respect experience. While I understand living means experiencing different things, going through ups and downs of our timeline, knowing pain and suffering as well as joy and happiness, but sickness is usually a warning, and we can’t ignore those warnings at all! Being wise means always learning to never repeat our mistakes, and also not other’s mistakes. Always aim to reach a new level of understanding, a new level of love, love everything, cherish everything.


Recently I have followed Ern, a friend at ANZ, who volunteers at State Emergency Service. Volunteering is a noble thing, and a great chance to know people and to help people. SES Wyndham is a small unit working in a large area – I hope I am healthy enough to continue. I want to do this, I need to do this. Doing this help me feel great about life. Life is about people. SES is all about Rescue. We rescue people, we respect life.

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 3.12.41 pm

I played Bowling last friday. The first turn I got 0 point, the second 3 points, but I improved and finished with 91, best of our group. I just aimed 3 metres ahead, not at the pins. Bowling is so similar to life, you don’t aim for the end result, you aim closer, you want a good result in long-term – then you have to go in a correct direction today. Doing it properly today is the best way to go for a long-term result. By putting in principle-oriented work everyday, by living a life focused on aligning current actions with the life principles, we actually accumulate and deposit substantial works in our life account.

It’s like this blog, by writing just a little bit every week, over the year, it’s a good result. Everything needs to be done everyday, even just a few minutes. Ultimately, any big result is because of accumulation of tiny steps that we do consistently and persistently over a long period of time.

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 10.40.07 am

Yesterday I have done research on the Helicobacter Pyroli. I bought the Amazon book from the Doctor of HP can be dangerous and resistant to treatment. There is a big possibility that they can fight antibiotics, transform their shapes to survive for a while and then come back to active mode.

I am doing everything to defeat this terrible bacteria:

  1.  Taking the combination of 2 antibiotics (amoxicilin & klaricid) along with Nexium for the main force – Nexium should be taken 1 hour before food, Klaricid with food, and Amox is okay anytime.
  2. Manuka honey NPA 15+ (Barnes naturals) MGO 514+ : the currently highest MGO honey I could get from Chemist Warehouse.
  3. Turmeric drink (
  4. Aloe Vera gel drink
  5. Breakfast with Boiled Eggs (
  6. Mở âm exercise + praying ! (praying is done along with any taken medicine!)

(Upcoming this weekend:)

  1. Mastic Gum (Jarrow formula) + Swanson DGL (Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice Root)
  2. Lá mơ lông (Peaderia scandens) – can be bought in Footscray ?
  3. Trà dây (Ampelopsis cantoniensis) – not sure how to get from Vietnam ?

7 habits of success

1. Never give up attitude ! Just pray and action, don’t worry !

With correct Never-give-up attitude -> Honours First Class ! PR ! Wife ! ANZ ! Willing to go an extra mile + Spend time to think -> success. When God helps me, nothing is impossible. Just do it and pray! Trust in Him! He will guide me, don’t worry about remembering everything! 2. Time is money. @ work, 1 minute is 1$. @home, 2m is 1$. I can’t remember everything, so I should not try to remember everything, like all the technical stuffs, I should just understand it and use it to master the skills. Just remember the practice, not theory. Remember the feeling, not the data. Learn to think and react quickly, adapt to the situation, adapt to the software, understand why, not remember things that do not make sense -> can’t remember. 3. Be only positive! Never say anything negative about anything or anyone. See the positive aspects of everything. Remember how I have been hurt by gossip? So never gossip. Never talk bad about anyone, never criticise anyone. If you can, protect people being criticised! Instead of talking negative, just talk good, only good, positive stuffs!  Master the TONGUE. 4. Learn with great passion ! If you like what you are learning, you can pick up knowledge with amazing speed ! Anything can be learned, as long as we love it. Brain is amazing, there is no limit to what it can learn. Love first, then spend enough time and brain will pick up the skill ! 2-clear-mind 5. Clear mind. Clear goals! Manage memory, it’s a processor to run tasks! Manage tasks in check list! Life 3 goals: Family – Friends – Career! Family: Prosperous family. Loving atmosphere. Successful wife & kids. Friends: @Church – co Le chu Ve, @Work – JMango ! Career: Resume building! Best rating @ANZ. health 6. Health ! Health is the foundation of everything. Spine! Lung! Eyes! I want a long healthy life! I want to live to 90! steps 7. Achievement focus! Do something that can be collected, and shown. Like own games, own projects, blogs. @work it’s Resume. Achievement will boost your confidence ! Life changes so quickly that you will be lost without anchors (resume, help H & kids to build their resumes). steps


Wake up: 6.45-7.00  (Excellency!  –> 5.30-6.30 study) Bath & Exercise: 7.00-7.20 |

Going to train: 7.30-7.40 — leaving home at 7.20 I should arrive at 8.30!

Work: 8.40-10.40; 11.00-12.30 | Lunch | Work 13.30-15.15; 15.30-17.15 Train: 17.30-18.30 — leaving work at 17.15 should catch train at 5.25, 5.36 or 5.47, 5:58 (26 mins to Aircraft) -> home 18.40.

Exercise: 18.40-19.00 | Dinner: 19-20.

Blogging: 20.15-22.45 Going to sleep: 23PM !

Thở vào thần dược đầy trong phổi Khí thần công chuyển khắp toàn thân Thở ra cảm tạ Chúa vô cùng Cứu khổ giúp người chung phước hạnh

Five things to do:

  1. Blogging (Focus:
  2. Dich Can Kinh – Breathing
  3. Work Checklist (Code, Documentation, Timetable)
  4. Na Checklist (blog, study Learning methods + Nutrition, training Na)
  5. House Checklist (Cooking, Car, Clothes, Garden)

Give first and be Super Positive ! Be a master of feeling.

Give first to receive !

Today I understood that love is not to be taken as granted. You reap what you sow, that is the main law of this world.

I screamed at my daughter last week just because she refused to kiss me … It can potentially ruin my relationship with her, her love and trust. Regret it so much. Then I came to understand that Life is about giving first !

I basically expect that my daughter should love me unconditionally. That my wife should love me unconditionally. But it’s not because I am their father/husband that I can demand that love. Love should be earned and does not come just because of “relation”. If I hurt them, then they will not love me. If my ego is bigger than the love I have toward them, then my love is just temporary, selfish love, it is not true love.

If my love for my daughter is not unconditional, then I can’t demand her to love me back just because I am her dad. If I don’t deposit, I would not have any saving to withdraw. If I didn’t give, how can I demand anything? Why should I expect that God loves me unconditionally? I can’t. Life is conditional, if I didn’t do more than other people, why I should have more than them? Why should I expect that my Church or my friends love me? If I haven’t done much for them nor for the Church, I can’t expect to be loved !

A parent’s love for a child will only be returned in half. So if I want my child to love me this much, I have to love her a double of that first. A parents role is a giver’s role, not a 50-50 relationship.  So love your child like you love yourself, just throw ego away! And work hard to earn their trust!

Know how to receive !

The trick here is give first and don’t force people to give back. When you expect something back from people you just gave, it is just wrong, (it’s basically forcing people to pay back – people don’t like to be forced) and this cause pain for you.

Firstly, thing that you gave may not be important for them. You love someone and you want them to love you back. But your love is not what they want, so they don’t give a damn, then you are hurt … You gave people some small helps and want them to give back you some, but they don’t have time for you so, and you are hurt.

Secondly, it’s the way you ask, how you ask for the favour, that is a critical factor. You need to make people feel good first, before asking anything. Also when asking, try to feel the vibration, as each person have different preferences. Some would like to do something, some don’t like to do something. If you ask something they don’t like to do, then even a small thing is big. People may like to do something some of the times, but not other times, so the moment is important as well.

For example, some people would gladly give you their advices when they are enjoying, but not when they are busy. People have their own thinking and usually do what they ‘feel like doing’. So, cater to their ‘feeling’. Be a master of ‘feeling’ – who can create great feelings for others !

Be Super Positive !

How to be liked ? I always want to be liked, and I am sad when I am not liked. I always try to understand why some people are liked, and to learn from them.

Naturally, people prefer someone good looking than the ugly ones. Some people have it easier because they look good. Kids are loved as they are cute. Pretty girls are just naturally liked for their beauty. But you have to work to be beautiful, take care of your beauty, exercise to be fit and strong.

People also love strong, full of energy individuals. A weak, timid person is usually ignored, not loved. People love confident, independent people.

People also love happy, passionate people.

Happy people give out a good feeling for other people, happiness is attractive, just like loving people are attractive. But you have to be consistently happy. Like a good employee must be consistently good, you can’t be good some days and then not good some other days, a hard working person must be consistently hard working, you can’t be sometimes hard working !

To be consistently super positive, to never harbour negative thinking, you have to train yourself. This is mental strength. The best tennis players all have superb mental strength, to cut down all the negative thought, all the complaints, all the blames, all the regrets, immediately!

Get the all of negative feelings out of your system immediately, by erasing them with good memory, by overriding with great feelings, with gratitude, with feeling of happiness, with feeling of success, victory. If some people made you unhappy, just forgive them, they won’t be given the power to shake your mental calmness ! Think about the good time with them, bring that back. Think about life, life in Australia is great, best in the world, your happy family, your great job, your beautiful house …

Create small success everyday, so your feeling account is always POSITIVE ! Do good everyday, be nice and kind to people, your mind should always be filled with great thoughts, amazing things !

Don’t let others affect you !

One of my main weaknesses is letting others affect my mental state. Somebody being rude, and I am angry. Somebody being inconsiderate, and I am hurt. A mental strength is like a physical strength, it means standing firm under pressure, it means withstanding punches and avoiding wounds. Let’s others’ mean behaviours sliding over you, ignore these, as you are living by your principles and therefore you are happy being yourself.

Never try to please other people. Be nice, but don’t care about pleasing them, just focus on growing your awesomeness. Because pleasing them give them the power over you and your mental peace. You have to worry about pleasing everyone -> you forgot your principles.

Living by principles is the main thing! Once you live by principles, build yourself up, and gather achievements, you just need to be polite and people will like you. There is no point in try to be liked and neglecting your principles, as that is catering to the leaves, not the root of the tree.

Be the best !

As a Christian, dream big, as God bless you, so you should be able to overcome all obstacles. Be humble, never arrogant, be positive, never pessimistic, be perseverant, never give up! Our confidence is not in the words we speak, but in work we do. So no need to speak loudly, but let the actions speak.

As a Christian, we have to silently aim to be the best! As Christians, we have less pride, and more patience. We can have hope in the toughest moment, we can persevere more than everyone else, due to the strength and the backup that God provides. So in the challenging times, we can rely on His power.

God changes our lives, we are destined to prevail, to succeed, to win! So, pray and push through! We will win in the end!

“The end of a matter is better than its beginning, and patience is better than pride.” Ecclesiastes 7:8

Solving daily life problems

Everyday life has many small problems: to solve them can be hard or easy, largely depends on how experienced we are with the issues. Therefore, I have to note the problems here for reference, so that next time we can start from the previous experience.

  1. Empty car battery: my Holden car was dead this Wednesday.
    • I tried to jump-start it by connecting to dad’s Toyota. While there was a sound, the battery just couldn’t start.
    • I went to Kmart Auto @Altona Meadows but they don’t have a battery charger.
    • I went to at HopperCrossings, and bought the Jump-started for 115$, also signed with SuperCheapAuto for 5$.
    • I went to Kmart to buy the Exide battery (guarantee 42 months), the specific model for Holden Calais costs 160$.
    • I took off the old battery and put in the new battery, and it just works.
    • I will just need to buy more stuffs at SuperCheapAuto to fix the car paint!
  2. Switching Internet to Point Cook:
    • To move the Telstra service from Staten to new place, and move the Dodo service from Springvale to Staten: I have to call Dodo and Telstra to coordinate the services, so that we don’t have to pay any termination fee.
    • Plugging the old Dynalink modem into ADSL immediately connects to internet, however it just uses the old account.
    • I logged in to with the old account, to find that all Dodo accounts are linked together. I changed account password but still could not connect. Found out ADSL password is different from account password so has to be setup separately from the account password.
    • The Dynalink modem is not very good, sometimes it gets disconnected, so I switched to the Telstra modem, login with new Dodo account details (phounghahpadsl) and it is good for now.
    • The Summary is just keep improving on current solution, thinking for a scalable and long term scenario, not just fixing the issue at present.

How to behave properly at work?

My Work Experience

I have worked in Poland, Vietnam and Australia. How to behave properly at work is an important question, sometimes I have a feeling I was too soft, or maybe I take it personally too much, it’s important to get it right. The goal is to be respected and to be valued, also to get appreciation for the work I did.

In Poland, I have worked in Ngan Ha company and another one before that. I learned to stand up for myself, asking for what I think I deserve. I also learned that people only respect the ones with skills and self-confidence, not the one who are soft.

In Vietnam, I have worked in FSoft. While the experience was short, I learned to be able to show off my strengths and gained respect due to my constant thinking and finding solutions for the problems assigned. With me being a normal, not super-smart person, the only way for me to gain respect is the ability to focus and work with highest level of details.

In Australia, I have worked in RMIT, JMango, Catch and now Anz. With JMango, I have had important contribution due to the good people I have introduced, these people change the company in a positive way and I still feel proud that I have done it – not many people can do so, it needs a people-oriented awareness. However I need more details-oriented approach. My supervisor, Prof Vic Ciesielski is an outstanding example of excellent attention to details. Only due to this type of attention to details, a person with no-extraordinary intelligence can excel at work.

The amount of confidence is related to the amount of time we have spent on the project. If we have covered all the holes, we can be truly confident. Otherwise, no amount of confidence can cover for the weaknesses in our result.

Sometimes, the line between good and bad work is very small. Just a bit of pushing and we can get over the line.

  • Once done, we just need to review it once more to check for improvement! Doing it once is not good enough.
  • Push, push, push when possible, even if it may cause irritation for other people, but as the work will need to be persistently pushed to achieve success, no pushing can result in failure.
  • Presentation: beautiful, eye-catching presentation is very important thing. It shows the level of attention to details and the level of refinement I have put on the work.
  • With normal speed, I can’t have things done super-quickly, I have to make up with clear mind, priority, high quality and persistency.

Summary: High Quality and Attention to Details are my main strengths. Only with all my mind I can achieve success, so no distractions ! With God, we can do everything.

My Work Strategy

The result of my work must be based on well planning, visualisation and focus when implementing.
I can activate my exam mode everytime I am at work, in exam mode, my focus is unmovable and my brain is running only one program.

I can avoid distraction by not looking at other people, ignoring their presence and by turning attention inside. It’s like meditation, when instead of directing our senses out, like a radar, we focus our radar in our task, magnifying it.

How to manage time and be more efficient at work

A work day at my level is 8 hours. To come in at 8.30, if taking 30m lunch then I can leave at 5, if I come in late at 9.30, I have to leave at 6pm.
I need to divide my time to 4 parts of 2h each. 9-11 &11-1, 1.30-3.30 & 3.30-5.30.

If I can continue to work on the train, or even at night, then my mind can constantly run the same program, it can be super smooth. Just don’t load virus on to the mind. Think about work as uni assignment due this week, we have to do the maximum-return tasks, we have to achieve high distinction, be the top student !!! Top student mind-set !!

My Mindset

As a developer, my job is writing, running and debugging code, and committing. To avoid wasting time when running and committing code, I can check my progress at that time (on paper), or plan ahead by breaking down what to do next into smaller steps.

I need the best-student’s mindset, to save each minute I have and make that productive. With experience, I need to improve: time efficiency, technical skills tree, energy efficiency, and language/communication effectiveness. Chúa ơi xin ở cùng con.

My Weaknesses

Sometimes it’s hard to find own weaknesses, but if I can identify and improve, I can grow a lot:

  1. English: speaking is one of the most important skills at work and I need to be fluent. Avoid reading Vietnamese and read English all the time helps. Reading books aloud also helps.
    1. Speak clearly, with authority ! – if you want to influence, you have to know your stuffs. Even just repeat what other said, but with authority will help ! 
    2. Know the facts, believe in yourself ! If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will.
    3. Don’t promise if you can’t keep ! Don’t try to be optimistic, it’s better to over-achieve. So over-promise is worst !
  2. Consistency: getting in early everyday, working effectively everyday, it’s consistency that matters.
  3. Energy: to work hard and efficiently, I need lots of energy. By eating well, sleeping well and training well, then body can function smoothly. Strictly leave home at (or before) 7.10 everyday, going to sleep at (or before) 11.30 everyday.
  4. Professional: be a professional and a Christian means not taking anything personally. Let’s all the sadness arrows miss you.
  5. Passion: Work with passion – love what you are doing, ask questions about it, think about it all the time, how to improve. The hardest part is to maintain the passion after work, at home, in your free time!

You don’t work to be LIKED ! You work because you love the JOB and want to do the best JOB POSSIBLE !