Secret of life (details = deeper understanding & love)

Today when driving through Melbourne, from Springvale to Point Cook and going back, I just understood a simple secret of life. Every once in a while, my life appeared boring and uninteresting to me, everything seemed the same, same job, same challenges, nothing really changes, nothing is truly amazing or fascinating to me. In those times, I ran away, I hide myself in stories, I read novels, mostly fantasy, feeling like I am another being in another world, of another time…  Then I would be detached from the reality, forget the real life and be unhappy in real life, only finding happiness in the imagined universe. Today evening, when I was asking myself the same old question “why I don’t like my own life?”, “why I am willing to spend time on things irrelevant to my life and not to spend it on my own self?”, something popped up. Then I get it, I saw why I don’t like my own life, why sometimes life seems so boring and so routine. It’s like an astronaut who looks at the Earth from outside of the atmosphere, he doesn’t see the details, so nothing seems to change, the Earth would just be the same old Earth. But what if he can see the details … What if he can see the people travelling, living their lives, building houses, cities, changing the environment, socialising with each others, then the Earth would be the most fascinating thing ever … To love something you need to know the details. To love a person, we need to know about their character, their past, their life. To love a game, we need to know about its rules, the strategy, tactics, techniques, the players, the history… If you don’t know something, you will not love it. Life is so beautiful in this aspect, the more details you learn, the more you love, and then the more you will want to learn. The details really, truly matter, the details are the basics of passion.. I have experienced this kind of passion  in the past, learning maths, piano, go, languages, working on SilverTop, studying AI/ certificates, hiring devs … When I put all my heart & mind into it, I am in love with it, I get results. It’s about using the inquisitive mind, always being curious, asking better questions, knowing more details and then use them to think intensively to find a solution. If my knowledge stops growing, that’s when the passion will stop. Love is a tree, water it (with time and focus) and it will grow, stop watering, and it will die. That is the simple secret of life – that every field in real life hides a great pleasure, a great happiness, that nothing is boring, and the people willing to spend time thinking and learning – are guaranteed to find these hidden treasures of happiness. The masters of a field have their skills so well-trained that they can get the tiniest difference. A linguist knows the difference in two sounds that sound the same to other people. A martial artist can notice the slightest difference in a form. A tennis player, a scientist, a programmer … details is how you raise your standard, and just by immersing yourself completely in an isolated world of a field, in a ‘enlightened state’ where everything unrelated is fading away, you can achieve ‘magnification of the subjects’, therefore getting the subtle details of it. Everything is based on love. Love is focus, love is attention to details. Once you focus and have attention to details, you have love.


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