5 Steps to technical questions

  1. Ask specific questions: 
    • Linked List or Arrays
    • Numbers: int or real
  2. Design an algorithm:
    • Space/Time complexity
    • Lots of data
    • Leverage specific information
  3. Pseudo-code
    1. Examplify
    2. Pattern matching
    3. Simplify & generalise
    4. Base case & build
    5. Data structure brainstorm
  4. Code: 
  5. Test your code: 
    1. Extreme cases: 0, negative, maximum, null
    2. Analyse bug before fixing
    3. User error (not integer ..)

To become a top IT developer, it’s important to know what and how they are looking for IT talent. These are the new ways companies use to estimate your level as a programmer:

  1. Hackathon: Even a cross-department hackathon where the ideas come from accountant or marketing guys.
  2. Showcase projects: these projects are even better than the hackathon.
  3. Suggestion box: lets encourage people to come up with new ideas.
  4. Tech talk: lets them talk about new things that interest them.
  5. Best Interviewers: get the star coders to do interviews.
  6. Hire ambitious people: hire people who have their own business, or other passions.

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