A life of love

While some Christians said “It’s not by deeds that we are saved” – I think this understanding can be very misleading, it’s can take people focus away from living a life of love, a life full of actions done in love.

It’s all about our actions in this life – by actions we express love, we train how to love, and we can live a life of love. A life of love is the most important purpose of our existence. We are here to learn to love, this human experience will definitely end someday, no human will live forever, but at the end of our day, there is nothing as fulfilling as living a life collecting love… If you have loved, there will be no regret. If you have loved, you will be rich of love. And with love, you will be happy.

Most of the organisations have their own rules – and I , as a Christian going to Church, should follow their rules. But there is a much greater rule that I should always remember, the rule of Jesus Christ – love God and love others. This rule should be more important than any other rule, this rule should filter all my actions and words, should never allow me to harm other people, gossip, hurt others emotionally, verbally or physically.

Loving God is probably the most profound feeling in this world. God is everywhere, in each of the tree, in each of the living entities from a fly to the elephant, and in un-living ones like mountains, lakes, seas, oceans… Loving God is to cherish life, appreciate the human, the pets, the animals and the world. The purpose of this life is to bring good changes to people, if not in the scale of what Bill Gates is doing, then for family, friends and other people I meet or know.

Honestly, I want to live a life full of blessings. I don’t think about a second life after I die, if my soul will survive, I want no regret. I want to know that I have done my best to love, to not judge people, but that I have helped whenever I could, that I have cared, assisted and brought happiness, that I have not hurt, harmed, judged, talked bad about or neglected when I could have made a difference. I have a tendency to judge people, to not see the beautiful things in them, but to love is not to judge, and the less I judge, the more I can love.

Lets continue to live a positive life, doing only good things and no bad things. Because any thing that I have done for people, God always give me back more. Thank you, amazing God.


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