Time management – most essential tips

Time is the commodity that everyone has. Each person has exactly 24 hours everyday. According to the 10.000 hours rule, time (hour) is the unit of measurement to gauge a level of expertise of a person in a particular field. If we master the time technique, we will have more skills, and better skills.

As Steven R.Covey taught in 7 Habits and First Thing First, a mission statement needs to be written and then adhered to. The TASKS that I can envision myself to do are:

  1. Blog, summarise the techniques and experience learned at work.
  2. Watch videos of WWDC and learn newest technologies from Apple
  3. Follow the forums to learn from other devs
  4. Study and make a personal compendium of iOS knowledge,
  5. Practice using different tools
  6. Make apps / games
  7. Practice English and other important skills, Khan Academy, exercise …

I am addicted to reading, I always need to read something. When I am inclined to read – there are many good and beneficial books to read, instead of reading news, facebook or rubbish. Now I need more time to play and care for my daughter, and do housework like cleaning car, paying bills …

Like money, the way to save time is to save and combine! When you save 5$ here and there, and then combine them to 100$, then that is something you can use to buy something meaningful. Likewise, there are pieces of time that we waste every day, if we save 5 minutes here and there, we can accumulate hours that we can spend on our tasks.

Assuming we sleep from 11pm-6am, the maximum time we can get is 7 hours everyday:

  1. Morning time – from 6am to 8am (2 hours)
  2. Lunch time – from 12.30pm to 1.30pm (1 hour)
  3. After work time – from 5pm to 7pm (2 hours)
  4. Evening time – from 9pm to 11pm (2 hours)

However, quantity is just part of the game. Sometimes it’s the quality and not the quantity which counts. Quality of time is when you completely focus in what you do and think of nothing else. Meditation every morning and when going to sleep helps. Three principles to use time better are:

  1. Discipline: Eliminate disruptions and interruptions of your time: quit facebook, silent phone..
  2. Love: be hungry of knowledge – knowledge are living, when they are in the mind, questions / solutions will come to us unexpectedly…
  3. Focus: Use Meditation to use time in a better, deeper way.

MOTIVATION: life is not only about career, so there are other skills we need in life, for me I have my hobbies:

  1. Design, so I can make beautiful apps/games
  2. Tennis & pingpong – I want to be a good tennis player
  3. Piano – I wanna play piano for hours
  4. Maps & places – remember important places that are important for living (restaurants, good shops, car services, place for leisure ..)



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