Solving daily life problems

Everyday life has many small problems: to solve them can be hard or easy, largely depends on how experienced we are with the issues. Therefore, I have to note the problems here for reference, so that next time we can start from the previous experience.

  1. Empty car battery: my Holden car was dead this Wednesday.
    • I tried to jump-start it by connecting to dad’s Toyota. While there was a sound, the battery just couldn’t start.
    • I went to Kmart Auto @Altona Meadows but they don’t have a battery charger.
    • I went to at HopperCrossings, and bought the Jump-started for 115$, also signed with SuperCheapAuto for 5$.
    • I went to Kmart to buy the Exide battery (guarantee 42 months), the specific model for Holden Calais costs 160$.
    • I took off the old battery and put in the new battery, and it just works.
    • I will just need to buy more stuffs at SuperCheapAuto to fix the car paint!
  2. Switching Internet to Point Cook:
    • To move the Telstra service from Staten to new place, and move the Dodo service from Springvale to Staten: I have to call Dodo and Telstra to coordinate the services, so that we don’t have to pay any termination fee.
    • Plugging the old Dynalink modem into ADSL immediately connects to internet, however it just uses the old account.
    • I logged in to with the old account, to find that all Dodo accounts are linked together. I changed account password but still could not connect. Found out ADSL password is different from account password so has to be setup separately from the account password.
    • The Dynalink modem is not very good, sometimes it gets disconnected, so I switched to the Telstra modem, login with new Dodo account details (phounghahpadsl) and it is good for now.
    • The Summary is just keep improving on current solution, thinking for a scalable and long term scenario, not just fixing the issue at present.

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