How to behave properly at work?

My Work Experience

I have worked in Poland, Vietnam and Australia. How to behave properly at work is an important question, sometimes I have a feeling I was too soft, or maybe I take it personally too much, it’s important to get it right. The goal is to be respected and to be valued, also to get appreciation for the work I did.

In Poland, I have worked in Ngan Ha company and another one before that. I learned to stand up for myself, asking for what I think I deserve. I also learned that people only respect the ones with skills and self-confidence, not the one who are soft.

In Vietnam, I have worked in FSoft. While the experience was short, I learned to be able to show off my strengths and gained respect due to my constant thinking and finding solutions for the problems assigned. With me being a normal, not super-smart person, the only way for me to gain respect is the ability to focus and work with highest level of details.

In Australia, I have worked in RMIT, JMango, Catch and now Anz. With JMango, I have had important contribution due to the good people I have introduced, these people change the company in a positive way and I still feel proud that I have done it – not many people can do so, it needs a people-oriented awareness. However I need more details-oriented approach. My supervisor, Prof Vic Ciesielski is an outstanding example of excellent attention to details. Only due to this type of attention to details, a person with no-extraordinary intelligence can excel at work.

The amount of confidence is related to the amount of time we have spent on the project. If we have covered all the holes, we can be truly confident. Otherwise, no amount of confidence can cover for the weaknesses in our result.

Sometimes, the line between good and bad work is very small. Just a bit of pushing and we can get over the line.

  • Once done, we just need to review it once more to check for improvement! Doing it once is not good enough.
  • Push, push, push when possible, even if it may cause irritation for other people, but as the work will need to be persistently pushed to achieve success, no pushing can result in failure.
  • Presentation: beautiful, eye-catching presentation is very important thing. It shows the level of attention to details and the level of refinement I have put on the work.
  • With normal speed, I can’t have things done super-quickly, I have to make up with clear mind, priority, high quality and persistency.

Summary: High Quality and Attention to Details are my main strengths. Only with all my mind I can achieve success, so no distractions ! With God, we can do everything.

My Work Strategy

The result of my work must be based on well planning, visualisation and focus when implementing.
I can activate my exam mode everytime I am at work, in exam mode, my focus is unmovable and my brain is running only one program.

I can avoid distraction by not looking at other people, ignoring their presence and by turning attention inside. It’s like meditation, when instead of directing our senses out, like a radar, we focus our radar in our task, magnifying it.

How to manage time and be more efficient at work

A work day at my level is 8 hours. To come in at 8.30, if taking 30m lunch then I can leave at 5, if I come in late at 9.30, I have to leave at 6pm.
I need to divide my time to 4 parts of 2h each. 9-11 &11-1, 1.30-3.30 & 3.30-5.30.

If I can continue to work on the train, or even at night, then my mind can constantly run the same program, it can be super smooth. Just don’t load virus on to the mind. Think about work as uni assignment due this week, we have to do the maximum-return tasks, we have to achieve high distinction, be the top student !!! Top student mind-set !!

My Mindset

As a developer, my job is writing, running and debugging code, and committing. To avoid wasting time when running and committing code, I can check my progress at that time (on paper), or plan ahead by breaking down what to do next into smaller steps.

I need the best-student’s mindset, to save each minute I have and make that productive. With experience, I need to improve: time efficiency, technical skills tree, energy efficiency, and language/communication effectiveness. Chúa ơi xin ở cùng con.

My Weaknesses

Sometimes it’s hard to find own weaknesses, but if I can identify and improve, I can grow a lot:

  1. English: speaking is one of the most important skills at work and I need to be fluent. Avoid reading Vietnamese and read English all the time helps. Reading books aloud also helps.
    1. Speak clearly, with authority ! – if you want to influence, you have to know your stuffs. Even just repeat what other said, but with authority will help ! 
    2. Know the facts, believe in yourself ! If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will.
    3. Don’t promise if you can’t keep ! Don’t try to be optimistic, it’s better to over-achieve. So over-promise is worst !
  2. Consistency: getting in early everyday, working effectively everyday, it’s consistency that matters.
  3. Energy: to work hard and efficiently, I need lots of energy. By eating well, sleeping well and training well, then body can function smoothly. Strictly leave home at (or before) 7.10 everyday, going to sleep at (or before) 11.30 everyday.
  4. Professional: be a professional and a Christian means not taking anything personally. Let’s all the sadness arrows miss you.
  5. Passion: Work with passion – love what you are doing, ask questions about it, think about it all the time, how to improve. The hardest part is to maintain the passion after work, at home, in your free time!

You don’t work to be LIKED ! You work because you love the JOB and want to do the best JOB POSSIBLE !


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