What every man should learn? (to live properly)

The lessons of pain.

People learn from pain. Pain is usually profound and very easy to remember. Pain of rejection – people can experience it at very young age – like children feeling rejected by parents, family or friends. Pain of failures – to suffer failures and consequently being treated with disrespect. Pain of high expectation – to be given a high expectation and not able to keep up, resulting in disappointment and lose of trust.

Pain leads to fear. Pain causes us to fear of repeating the same experience. Pain forces us to learn to improve, to overcome our weaknesses to avoid pain.

I have been rejected in love. Therefore I learned to not cause the same pain to others.

I have been looked upon because of my failures, therefore I learn to respect other people for the human beings they are.

I still remember when my pain when I have been helpless, poor, struggling at schools, so I want to help others in those situations.

I have experienced many pains in my life. Pain can be great teachers mostly in how not to cause them for others and how to avoid them happening again.


Today I really regret. I regret how I lived my life. Regret how I have wasted my life. I have been living for thirty something years, and there is no skill that I am really good at.

I have nothing to be really proud of, I am not quick learning and I don’t have a good memory. I use to be much faster and my memory was so much better. Then after just a bit of small success, I became complacent, took success for granted, satisfied and stop focusing on work.

I use to be stronger than now, able to run long, able to win arms-wrestling, or push-up competitions with my preparation. Then again I thought that is enough, and I fall behind, lacking practice, while other people trained and went ahead and passed me.

Today I can’t accept myself anymore. I have reached my limit of shame and defeats. I am falling behind in all aspects of my life. And now I decide that I will live my life fully, use every minute of my life to the maximum of it, to learn a new skill.

There are 3 skills that I will focus on:

1. The health skill – I will train myself to be stronger, faster with better endurance.

2. I will train my professional skills – to program better, to be a top-level like ray-wenderlich.

3. I will train my english and languages skills.

— There should always be a maximum of 3 skills — but better 2 🙂


  1. Cuộc sống:       1. Ăn, 2. Uống, 3. Ngủ
  2. Công cụ: 4. Cars, 5. House, 6. Garden
  3. Ngoại ngữ: 7.Balan, 8.Đức, 9. Pháp
  4. Tồn tại: 10. bơi, 11. võ, 12. nhớ


  1. Thể thao: 1. tennis, 2.bóng bàn, 3.bóng rổ
  2. Khéo léo: 4. bi-a, 5. bi-lắc, 6. bowling.
  3. Trí tuệ:     7. cờ vây, 8. cờ tướng, 9. ru-bích
  4. Âm nhạc: 10. piano, 11. guitar, 12. hát

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