How to get out of bad habits

Reading, especially chinese novels, is my bad habit. On weekend I usually waste precious hours on reading or playing games, while my plan for the weekend goes to pieces.
I have found the way to kill my bad habit.

Start the day

Firstly, start the day strong.

The more active you begin the day the better. Exercise, walk, shower, start thinking intensively. Get the action going. Especially the weekend.

Saturday is a good day to go to gym, enjoy the lakes, play tennis. Sunday is for church, also a good day to socialise, fix and repair stuffs.

Second, open eyes wide to look at life. What can I do to help my wife? What can I teach my daughter? What can I do to care for other people in my family, in my church, friends and also colleagues? How to make them like me, love me?

How to improve my life quality? How to be more important to others? Lets live this life fully, completely involved, not running away. Let’s be the true agent of God.


To live long, is one important thing in life. How to live a healthy life until 80? How to be healthy and young looking until 80? If I don’t know how to, I won’t be able to do so.

Before getting married, I have been more healthy. Since 2014, I have not been healthy enough… There must be something wrong with my lifestyle ..


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