Success of a Christian

There are too many definitions of success. There are too many guidelines on how to succeed. Most people consider success in reference to a career, to have climbed well on the ladder of fame and power, to achieve financial independence and recognition, but generally success is about living a legacy of a life that has positively touched, influenced and changed many lives, a life that has made a difference in this world.

A Christian success is harder to specify. But it requires work, acts of faith – Jesus and all the apostles have lived a life not for their own glories and or luxury, they lived a life of simplicity, but acted as a tool of God, to promote teaching of love and morality. It requires sacrifice, a life lived to enjoy personal pleasures and focused on leisures and happiness for self isn’t a success. Success for Christians is when we live for other people, when our focus is not on ourselves or our own ego.

Pope Francis is a great example of Christian success. Firstly he can live a life of luxury, but he rejected it. He does use his power to act, but for the poor and not for his own benefit. He did not intentionally run for the Papacy, but he was ready for it. He is a man of knowledge, but more, he is a man of actions. He criticised careerism, and emphasised life of contribution and service.

So what can I do in the face of new challenges? Life requires me to get out of the complacency and start overhauling myself. Life forces me to study and renew my knowledge, and to pray for focus, intelligence and memory for my profession. And to live my life, not for career but to truly contribute. My Lord Jesus, my mind has not been well-maintained, please help me organise my mind for work, please help me to become a very good developer, who deeply understands iOS. I just want to be better, I really don’t want to read news about Mourinho or Nadal anymore, I just want to focus on being a best iOS developer and find the greatest joy in doing and learning and living a life of real love.

I am ready to entirely focus in iOS, to completely get rid of any other stuffs that I use to read everyday. No facebook, no television, no news, only iOS, oh my guardian angel, please help me, help my technical progress. I am ready to study day and night, to just read iOS and nothing else, to become a good iOS developer. Life is not easy, but with the help and guidance of Lord Jesus and guardian angel, I am ready to start dreaming iOS code, ready to think about iOS code before going to sleep and when waking up, to read and practice iOS all my time, ready to live every minute of my life perfecting my brain for it. God, please help me. I am ready.

The core of being a Christian is to “have faith”. Having faith, there is no insecurities. Do not fear of being rejected, do not fear of humiliation, do not fear of death. Life is not to be lived in fear. Fear less and live more. Life is to be lived in love.

The Dunning–Kruger effectThe effect to usually overestimate self’s competence. The root cause of this is that, in contrast to high performers, “poor performers do not learn from feedback suggesting a need to improve”.

In East Asians, however, there is a tendency to underestimate self’s competence.


Secret of life (details = deeper understanding & love)

Today when driving through Melbourne, from Springvale to Point Cook and going back, I just understood a simple secret of life. Every once in a while, my life appeared boring and uninteresting to me, everything seemed the same, same job, same challenges, nothing really changes, nothing is truly amazing or fascinating to me. In those times, I ran away, I hide myself in stories, I read novels, mostly fantasy, feeling like I am another being in another world, of another time…  Then I would be detached from the reality, forget the real life and be unhappy in real life, only finding happiness in the imagined universe. Today evening, when I was asking myself the same old question “why I don’t like my own life?”, “why I am willing to spend time on things irrelevant to my life and not to spend it on my own self?”, something popped up. Then I get it, I saw why I don’t like my own life, why sometimes life seems so boring and so routine. It’s like an astronaut who looks at the Earth from outside of the atmosphere, he doesn’t see the details, so nothing seems to change, the Earth would just be the same old Earth. But what if he can see the details … What if he can see the people travelling, living their lives, building houses, cities, changing the environment, socialising with each others, then the Earth would be the most fascinating thing ever … To love something you need to know the details. To love a person, we need to know about their character, their past, their life. To love a game, we need to know about its rules, the strategy, tactics, techniques, the players, the history… If you don’t know something, you will not love it. Life is so beautiful in this aspect, the more details you learn, the more you love, and then the more you will want to learn. The details really, truly matter, the details are the basics of passion.. I have experienced this kind of passion  in the past, learning maths, piano, go, languages, working on SilverTop, studying AI/ certificates, hiring devs … When I put all my heart & mind into it, I am in love with it, I get results. It’s about using the inquisitive mind, always being curious, asking better questions, knowing more details and then use them to think intensively to find a solution. If my knowledge stops growing, that’s when the passion will stop. Love is a tree, water it (with time and focus) and it will grow, stop watering, and it will die. That is the simple secret of life – that every field in real life hides a great pleasure, a great happiness, that nothing is boring, and the people willing to spend time thinking and learning – are guaranteed to find these hidden treasures of happiness. The masters of a field have their skills so well-trained that they can get the tiniest difference. A linguist knows the difference in two sounds that sound the same to other people. A martial artist can notice the slightest difference in a form. A tennis player, a scientist, a programmer … details is how you raise your standard, and just by immersing yourself completely in an isolated world of a field, in a ‘enlightened state’ where everything unrelated is fading away, you can achieve ‘magnification of the subjects’, therefore getting the subtle details of it. Everything is based on love. Love is focus, love is attention to details. Once you focus and have attention to details, you have love.

How to overcome difficult times?

Looking back in my life, there have been many times of depression or even desperation…

Difficult circumstances:

1. Homeland: It started when my parents left me to go to Poland when I was 12. I was living alone, with no one to bond for a while, until co Ly family come to live with me. It was a time of loneliness. Not many children experience that, I have had many issues in that time… Being a bit difficult child and teenager… How did I overcome that?

– I learned to like study. I come up with some tips and tricks to just volunteer to answer questions first, to be proactive and take initiative , it helps to avoid lots of worries and stress in class. When we face fears straightaway, we are much more confident and prepared for the difficulty.

– I have also learned to worry less. When I wasn’t able to get 36/40 mark to go straight to high school, when I wasn’t able to attend the entrance exam to Hoan Kiem high, I was quite calm and confident. I know I have another option, a better choice, so I wasn’t afraid.

2. Poland: university time – it was stressful, it was hard to keep up to other polish students. Later I identified 2 issues with me at that time: I didn’t know how to manage time, and I didn’t really the methods to learn things.

– I learned from anh Le, anh Linh that persistence is the most important thing I need to overcome issues. When we are lost, we need to find the way by ourselves, we need not to depend on others to point you the direction, to tell you what to do, to give you instructions. We just have to persist in finding solutions by asking correct questions, by asking correct people (teachers), and to keep pushing. Resilience is the strength I need.

3. Vietnam: I come back to Vietnam and was stuck, with no clear vision, no dream and no job. The values that I have in Poland suddenly become nothing, I was not appreciated.

– I craved to get out of Vietnam. I was desperate, I was willing to do everything it takes to get out. I know I have my values, I know I will be appreciated elsewhere. So I studied, I got a job, I had goals, I had a vision and dream. I just lived for that dream.

– Once we live entirely for a single purpose, when we don’t give up (not even think about giving up) but just think how to make the dream come true, we use the focused strength of the spirit and the mind, we can achieve amazing result. We should never think about giving up – when we face problems the only thing we think about is how to overcome the problem, how to achieve what we want – then we will find a way. Like a baby, don’t fear, don’t be afraid of falling, then you can learn to walk.

– Thanks to my mom, she had trusted me, she never gave up on me, not like my dad who didn’t appreciate me and my values, mom had helped me to overcome so many difficult times in life – just with her single focus on how to solve problems, when other people may just give up, she just keeps thinking about the goal and how to overcome the problems. Only people with this kind of mindset can be successful.

4. Australia: this is the most optimistic land, where dreams can happen, where you enjoy life and enjoy work, where we love pets and human. Nothing is too difficult here, as long as we give everything. I have had many issues, like RMIT, PR, love, marriage, jobs …

– Firstly just focus on the goal and how to get there, not the problems that we have. Whatever we focus on will magnify, and by magnifying the goal, we can get to it.

– Just pray and take immediate action – and NEVER GIVE UP – persistent people will succeed. And when we work and pray and work, then God is with us, He said “just keep knocking and the doors will be opened”. But first, you need to keep knocking !!!

How to Motivate myself:

I can motivate myself. I know my habits, I know my weaknesses and strengths best. I know what I should do to sleep better, to eat better, to exercise better. And I know that whatever happens, God will help me to overcome.

1. Work-related

  • The true joy doesn’t come from money, it comes from the enjoyment of the job we are doing. I am working in an industry that is very open, has lots of opportunities and transferable skills. God has blessed me to have this job, I am loving it, and I will always love it. I can create beautiful and sensible things. Creation is an addiction.
  • Everything needs time investment. The more quality time we put on something we become better at it. The quality of the time we put in is crucial, a time of deep focus is many times better than time when mind is distracted with many things.

Notable times when I have achieve work-related success:

  • Artificial Intelligence: how did I become the best student of AI subject and so accordingly tutor the next semesters? How did I win the AI tournament of Connect-4? Part of it is the blessing from God, but I liked it, I persisted, I spent more time than other students on my program. Maybe it has some spiritual power because of the time I put in?
  • HD result for Aptech: maybe no one truly cared about it, but it was the foundation for my HD at RMIT. I had a dream and I followed my dream.
  • SilverTop and the build up of JMangoVN: It’s not luck, it’s God’s plan to connect me with Tri and Thanh, I was just using my mother’s approach of thinking all the time to find a solution and so I have linked people together.

2. Life-related

Difficult things in live usually come for 2 reasons: karma or warning.

  • Karma – is when I have done bad things, then I will have to bear the consequences. To learn the lessons, to never repeat the same wrong behaviours, to improve and grow.
  • Warning – something more serious maybe coming, it can be much worse if we ignore the early warnings, so we can fix the issues when they are still small.

Sample of problems I solved in life:

  • Connections: how I got into RMIT at the time, it was due to bác Đạo, who knows bác Thu. Ngay cả Haker bên Balan, sếp Thuỵ cũng là em của chú Nhuỵ bạn bố mẹ. Hay anh Đức JMango cũng là chị Mai quen biết bố. Hoặc Leon và Mike là con của bạn bố mẹ. Trust is very important in life, relationships are mainly based on trust.
  • Marriage – it was difficult time. God has helped me throughout the whole ordeal. But due to praying and resilience and calmness, we got through. Then H came to Australia and applied onshore. Sometimes trust van only be built through tests, because of passing those tests, that we can trust each others. So be calm and trust God, and keep our promises.
  • Jobs: JMango, Catch, Anz, I just pray and rely on God all the way. Just keep knocking, and the door will be opened.

Mindfulness – Living in the Presence of God’s love

   I have prayed to the Lord Jesus for a wife the whole year. It was a very special time that happened, and God helped me in leading me to know em Hanh, who appreciates and loves me. I really believe in God’s power, as my Lord had done, is doing and will be doing amazing things in my life. While looking at myself, I was at the worst time in a period of 7 years. I have lost my love for learning, and I am at the saddest moment with my brother leaving for US, a time that I am very weak. But God helped me, and my Lord Jesus answered my prayers. My life has changed. My live is full of gifts from God: my degrees, my permanent residency, my job, my love, my parent’s PR, my wife’s visa… Five years working and my career has started to improve.

I learned from people I met in Vietnam – the drivers in Sapa, anh Cu who drives tuc-tuc, the mechanics who fixed my Lead motorbike, the people who work really hard and are very low-paid, they have skills, they are smart and hard-working and loving, yet they still struggle with life. I am not better, I am not smarter, nor harder working, the only difference is that I have Jesus. When God is with us, we have the power from God that we can do things we can’t do as mere our simple selves. I have come to understand that prayers will always bear fruits, but we have to be calm in life and even when something will take time or even not happening, the important thing is to learn and to improve.

How I was a top student at RMIT? At the time I was reading Anthony Robbins and have amazing creational power, I imagined my project in the successful states in details, with aspects that made the difference like user interface/ user experience – and weren’t able to realise that. It is important how other people feel when they see our product? Do they feel it’s polished? Is it refined? Is it easy to use? Is it beautiful and pleasing to the eyes?

My gratitude to my Lord for the protection over my life. Please continue to be with me and fill me with the Holy Spirit. I love you, my Lord. Thank you again and please continue to support and guide me in this life. My life will always be a blessing.

— Principles / Skills for Health + Riches ===

A. Thở – Ngủ – Uống – Ăn – Lỏng

1. Thở sâu, chậm, đến từng tế bào
2. Ngủ sâu, trong bóng tối, áo lạnh chăn ấm
3. Uống nhiều nước lọc
4. Ăn nhiều bữa, ăn rau

B. Thiền – Tập

5. Thả lỏng cơ thể, để bàn chân không giày, tư thế ngồi thoải mái, thẳng lưng thẳng cổ
6. Thiền vào buổi sáng, tĩnh tâm điều hoà thần khí, tập bài con mèo và mở âm
7. Tập hít đất, bơi và chạy vào weekend
8. Vận động và hoạt động – chăm chỉ và hiệu quả -> cơ thể khoẻ = đầu tư lâu dài hàng chục năm

9. Tĩnh tâm, bình tĩnh ứng đối các hoàn cảnh khó khăn – PERSISTENT PEOPLE SUCCEED
10. Luôn cầu nguyện đến Đức Chúa Jesus trong mọi lúc và TIN tưởng Chúa – khó khăn chỉ là tạm thời, khó khăn gì rồi cũng qua, đừng quá sợ hãi, điều gì cũng có Chúa hướng dẫn. Always pray for God’s help.


11. Inspiration: best developers, Apple and Google, user groups
12. Competition: Vít học như thế nào? Cả đêm lẫn ngày. Vợ mình học như thế nào? Có thời gian rảnh chút là học, thức đêm thức hôm để học. Bin học như thế nào? Không có cả thời gian để xem tin tức hay ti-vi, chưa nói là chơi games, đọc truyện… Hao học như thế nào? Về nhà là viết games. David học như thế nào? Về nhà là học kiến thức mới. Mình thua mọi người là vì lười, vì thua mọi người là bởi mình thích buông thả bản thân chạy theo thú vui. Nếu ko đủ kiên quyết với bản thân thì cầu Chúa và cắn răng mà học như đi thi. Phải thử interview nhiều mới biết mình cần tiến bộ gì.
13. Desperation: mình có một thói quen xấu phải sửa – đó là mình luôn hình dung mình sẽ học thêm vào weekend, mình sẽ làm việc thêm ở nhà vào buổi tối – để rồi mình relax và lười biếng trong hiện tại !!! Mình phải quyết tâm ko để việc lại cho buổi tối hay weekend, có như vậy mình mới có thể dùng thời gian rảnh của mình để học thêm, improve. Not playing catch up ! Như vậy mình phải căng lên ở chỗ làm để hoàn thành công việc, và ko được thư giãn chút nào !
14. Passion: all the time – tại sao buổi tối mình lại thích xem ti-vi, xem phim, chơi điện tử, đọc truyện mà ko học? Làm sao để mình có passion all the time? Đó là mình phải lost in the project, chìm sâu trong thế giới của project sẽ khiến mình see everything clear, và hiểu sâu hơn.
15. Believe: God sẽ dẫn dắt ta qua mọi nghịch cảnh – miễn mind đừng bị stuck !

Be only Positive. Talk only Good.